Summer Sheen to Autumn Afterglow Makeup Guide!

Posted: September 21st, 2017

Summer months are all about the low maintenance life. Its hot, humid, and let’s be honest: when you hop out of your car, you probably have just a little upper lip sweat. Summer makeup is NOT the time for an over done face. Your summer makeup routine may consist of a tinted moisturizer with SPF, an all over bronzer (creating the “I’ve been working inside all summer but still look tan” illusion), a shimmer sun-kissed shadow, some waterproof mascara, paired with a neutral high shine gloss or a matte red/orange loud lip.

Autumn trends are the opposite of “no makeup makeup” look. Temperatures have cooled down and you’re already pulling out your cozy sweaters, statement scarves, and booties from storage! While at first you may feel intimidated by trying the fall makeup trends and suddenly that upper lip sweat starts to reappear because you’re about to attempt your first copper smoky eye – BREATHE. There are a few easy go-to products that you can use to achieve that trendy fall face!

Grab a full coverage CC cream, one of my favorites we carry here, at Allora! It is Mirabella’s CC Cream, with shades from fair to dark. This CC cream provides seamless coverage, applying just with your hands. Save yourself a step, Mirabella’s CC cream has a hydrating full coverage consistency so it can also can be used as your under eye concealer!

Use your pointer finger to apply a metallic shadow all over your eyelid!

Brown eyes: warm shimmery rusted tones, purple shadows from lavender to eggplant, deep bronze liner.
Blue eyes: copper shadows, shimmery beige, mauves, navy mascara.
Hazel eyes: earthy browns, yellow gold & greens shadows.
Green eyes: taupe shadow, slate gray liner; smoky silver shadow.
Apply a matte bronzer to emphasize your cheekbones, dust a blush over the apple of your cheeks. Grab Mirabella’s perfecting translucent setting powder and set your CC cream, bronzer & blush.

Below I’ve listed some tips & tricks on how to find the right shade of foundation, bronzer and blush for you, depending on the undertone of your skin! You may ask, WHAT THE HECK IS AN UNDERTONE? Let me explain.
Your skin’s undertone is beneath the surface and is typically defined as being cool, warm, or neutral.
A quick way of determining what undertone your skin is…
Put a silver bracelet on one arm and a gold bracelet on the other - which one looks better? Put preferences aside to determine whether silver or gold complements your skin. Does gold make you look washed out while silver makes you look radiant? You most likely have a cool undertone to your skin!
Does silver make you look dull while gold makes you glow? You most likely have a warm undertone!
Can you wear both silver and gold and they both look the same? You have a neutral undertone.

Cool Undertone: Foundations that include one or more of these keys words:
· Tan
· Shell
· Fawn
· Beige.
· They look a bit pinker in the bottle.

Warm Undertone: Shades that include one or more of these key words:
· Golden
· Honey
· Warm beige.
· They look a bit more yellow in the bottle.

Similar to foundation, if you have cool undertones, you should select a cool-toned contour and if you have warm undertones, you should select a warm-toned contour. Contouring is meant to create a natural, shadowed effect that’s achieved by applying a shade that matches your skin’s undertone to the hollows of your cheekbones, under your jawline, along your temples, and down the sides of your nose.
WARNING: If you choose a shade that’s opposite from your skin’s undertone, the results will be less natural!
Cool Undertone: Avoid bronzers that are orange or unnatural. Instead, look for shades that have just a touch of gray in them.
Warm Undertone: Avoid cool bronzers, as they can look muddy. Instead, look for shades that have just touch of red/orange in them.

CHOOSING BLUSHES – I am going to confuse you now
*** A blush shade that’s different from your skin’s undertone will pop more.
Cool Undertone: Avoid blushes with a pink or purple tint as they can appear too bright and overdone on your already cool skin. Go for a warm peach or soft orange blush instead.
Warm Undertone: Avoid blushes with an orange or peach tint as they can appear to “matchy” to your skin or add too much warmth to your already warm skin. Opt for a cool pink or mauve-y blush instead.

Complete the look…
Fall is all about the lip! Have a few statement lip colors on hand. Deep purples to berry reds, from lipsticks to lip stains, don’t be afraid to explore all lip options. Your most reliable lip colors will be a longwearing matte lip stain. If you’re not into a matte finish on your lips, have a high shine clear gloss on hand to add that desired shine to any matte color.

XoXo From the Director